Pre-Christmas “Friday Fluff” – Christmas Carol for the exhausted

I didn’t want to be a Bad Blogger and not post, but let’s face it kiddies, Mama’s out of a job and making the presents this year. Yes, Santa’s Workshop is located right behind the kitchen.

However, I didn’t make it completely mall-free this holiday season — Drats! Foiled Again! — so here’s a little Christmas Ditty to wish you a Merry Christmas. Just hum a few bars of “Jingle Bells” to get yourself started.

And for those of you who are not celebrating Christmas, please enjoy the holiday that you’re honoring. Tolerate kindly the people you have to (I’ll try myself), think fondly of the ones you’ll miss, and revel in the ones you love. Most importantly, know that you are loved by someone out there, even if from far away.

Jingle Bells
Christmas Sales
Bills I’m gonna pay
It’s should be fun
To go and buy
Gifts just to give away ….

Buuut …

We see the TV ads
On our smartphones, too
Tell us if we don’t go broke
We’re just another Scrooge

Buuuut …

Jingle Bells
Charge Card Bills
No matter what they say
Don’t go insane
Or over- buy
And in budget you will stay

Now my fingers have gone numb
My wrists I cannot feel
I’ve  knit and stitch
Enough Yarn and Thread
To go from here straight to Brazil

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
It’s just two days away
Soon it will be done
And we’ll sleep Monday all away!


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