Living the Steampunk Life

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“No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.” ~  Friedrich NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra

I normally don’t like to post links to other sites, unless they are informational: secondary sources that support what I’m writing. I’m an aspiring writer, my blog is supposed to be for that.

Those of you who follow me, should know by now that the above kind of caveat means something is coming, probably a link to another site.

I came across a site about a Steampunk house and fell in love with the aesthetic. the link is at end of the post, The inventor is both the homeowner and home renovator. I’m more into Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement, but I do love this man’s Steampunk aesthetic all the same. The item I fell most in love with was the stove. I actually found the picture when looking at antique stoves — just for ha-ha’s. I’ve always wanted one, but prefer induction cooking, so figured I could never enjoy one.

This man figured out how to use a halogen cooktop on an antique stove.

photo credit FrankSiciliano

In other words, he found a way to create something he desired, something that was of his own vision, though it seemed impossible to me, for whom everything must come out of a box. If it didn’t come that way, I assume I can’t refigure it. He didn’t limit himself that way: he wanted a Victorian stove but a modern cooktop. It didn’t come in a pre-packaged, pre-built box, so he made it happen out of the materials and tools he had on hand.

How many opportunities did I pass up in the past because they didn’t come in a box, they weren’t manufactured and fabricated in masse to accommodate a pre-existing paradigm? How many times did I indulge in self-criticism because I struggled against the walls of a pre-fab, pre-boxed stereotype for my own identity? My life’s goal has been to get outside the box spiritually and professionally; I struggle with that every day. This man got outside the box, and created something beautiful.

This is a lesson I want to share with my children about so many things: about problem-solving, about healing, about self-discovery. A million people with a million ideas will present them with their own ideas about what they should do, whom they should be, how they should heal. All those ideas will be fabricated and packaged with detailed instructions from some ideology. I don’t think even the people who invented these theories meant for them to be applied so rigidly and so universally sometimes, but we are a people of McDonald’s everything: one taste worldwide, produced by machine on an assembly line.

Steampunk diagram
photo credit unavailable

But sometimes, God, the Creator, the Benevolent Universe, sends us a “sign,” a short little Twitter that reminds us how much we can create according to our own vision. It may be the example of someone who authored their own life in some unimaginable way – completely off-script, and found beauty or success. It could be the opportunity that evolves into a life.

It could be a picture of a guy with a wicked cool stove I’ve always wanted.

And so, I’ve come to the notion of a steampunked life: where the old is taken and not just dusted off and painted (and presented as something new), but integrated with something new to become something entirely unique, and fitting the one individual who needed it. Taking what has existed before, integrating something that seems incompatible, and creating a vision that fulfills what is wanted, that realizes the vision of what is needed.

I’m posting the link to his site out of admiration not just for the stove (which is, indeed, Mighty Cool), but for his creativity, and what his stove taught me. Thank you.

The designer/inventor has generously given me permission to discuss his work and use photos of his inventions. If you would like to see more of his work, please go  to:, the source for all photos used in this post.


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