Beeker the Zombie Killer

Okay, so I pride myself on original content, blah, blah, blah.

But this just made my freakin’, flippin’ day, especially since I’ve been holding back on posting another annual Zombie Bait list.

I tweeted this, now I’m posting this. If I could print it on a post-it and wear it as a sticker all day tomorrow I would. This simply made my whole day.

Meet … Beeker the Zombie Killer, courtesy of CNN. Photo credited to David Walter Banks. The cosplayer is Russell Blalock of August, GA. This may be a distant relative. If so, that explains … oh, so very much.

Laugh with me. The seriousness will resume when I finish researching my next post. And the laundry. And housework. And food prep. And a nap. …

Beeker Zombie Killer


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