Once We Were

I originally posted this poem three years ago. There has been some interest in my verse this year, so I thought I would re-publish it with some minor edits. 

As always, comments are welcome. 

Orbs once we were …

Suspended in glistening space
Brightly afire and white ablaze
Held only by primordial grace

Then drawn we were
By a pulsing explosive phase
And slowly together we came
Held by love’s orbiting embrace

Until we discovered the world beneath
And heard its call of mortal needs

Too quick by gravity pulled and thrust
We hurled to earth’s brittle crust

We fell from heaven we’d only known
Helplessly down we were thrown

Now ensnared by inescapable mass
Into this world we finally crashed

Darkening, hardening, we fall to embers
Under the glittering sky of what we once were.



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