Interesting TV Review

So this is a pretty interesting take on the way the Glenn problem was told in TWD.

It’s critical of it from a story-telling perspective, and finds it a rather gimmicky. The article is a pretty interesting read of TV criticism, a cut above some of what’s out there.

The article reminds me I should have never listened to my parents, and taken more film theory classes instead.

I don’t 100% agree with all of it, but I like the way it takes social media and marketing into account as factors in the storytelling process.

For myself, I had two problems with the Glenn escape.

  1. THERE WAS A FIRE ESCAPE!! Why the hell did they not climb the friggin’ fire escape?

It was kind of like watching someone nearly drown when there was a boat nearby.

  1. Even I have to admit that the escape under the dumpster, which I speculated, was pretty implausible.

The only way that works for me is if there a theme (what the author calls “pretentious musings”) of Glenn as “resurrected” from the dead, which happens in this genre alot.

That Nagan is reputed to be a “savior” character makes that for an interesting option … will that character see some symbolism in Glenn’s “impossible” escape?

Given that the narrative generally eschews supernatural, magical plot devices, and implausible escape is pretty much their only option.



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