The *REALLY* Dangerous thing about Trump

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What if … for every time we are tempted to post, tweet or blog that man’s face (giving him more fame) … instead … we did … this??

Trump’s racism bothers me. It offends me; it frightens me.
But it’s not what frightens me the most.

Trump’s utter disregard for the Constitution bothers me. It frightens me.
But it’s not what frightens me the most.

What frightens me about Trump is this:

Trump’s rhetoric creates a frenzy of attention on issues which, without him, would not guzzle up the national consciousness like a stretch Hummer limo. His rhetoric creates anger and fear and defensiveness while taking up media time and column inches devoted to issues that, without him, would not be the monumental issues he makes.

Without Trump, instead of arguing on racial or religious lines, poor people of all races and all religions might just demand that the media focus its attention on the economic disparity in this country, the increasing wealth gap, the pending shortage of resources in the coming generations.

Without Trump, instead of small factions feeling either attacked or frightened, the economically exploited and endangered in this country might ignore the racial and religious differences and form a cohesive, formidable political bloc that could force our country into real change.

Because at the end of the day, for some people, it doesn’t matter how unoffensive the building names are at Princeton, or how sensitive a college professor is to certain issues. At the end of the day, for some people, what matters is a fair and just economy whereby they can pay for a home, afford safe daycare, get to work, pay for medical care, and enjoy food and home security for themselves and their children, and then maybe send their kids to college instead of piecemealing three or four jobs for sixty or seventy hours a week.

Some people may think that’s more important.

For some people, the most important color in their life is green. Not Make A Happy Planet green either. And that’s the color, and the unjust lack thereof, that should be uniting many of us.

At the end of the day, some of us want a government relatively free of corruption at the state and local level (we don’t expect perfection, we just expect … you know … the Constitution).

For us, the most important color is freedom.

Trump takes everybody’s attention away from all that. He keeps us focused on skin color, and religion, and quite frankly, creates unrelenting hosility where there was perhaps disagreement with room for mediation. Trumps rhetoric, and its echos throughout the media, destroy any possibility for resolution with all the effectiveness of an atom bomb.

We let him. The media lets him.

Did anyone catch that small item about the Middle Class no longer being the majority?

How about the New York Police Chief being arrested for covering up his own crime?

Missed it? Well, I understand. All of that came after a few Donald Trump stories.


P.S. – The final, yet ironic, blow came when I read my beloved Huffington Post only to see a handful of stories about D.T., (with photos!) with one telling the media to stop enabling Trump.  Because when the Huff Post page opens with a DT pic, they’re not doing that.


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