I have not abandoned thee …

The sister’s site new post for last week’s TWD will be up tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, a Life Project regarding family has consumed me today and yesterday.


But you do not leave empty-handed!

I would love comments on the below. You can reply back with the letter of your choice. It’s a one-keystroke Call To Action.

I’ll be doing a layperson sermon in the summer, and my pastor and I are debating topics. Please reply with your vote.


A. The Christian Case for Raising Some Hell.
Based on a prior blog post.

B. The Christian Marvel Avengers:
Time to reveal our secret identities.
This is the fodder for a soon-to-coming blog post.

Dear Readers (are you out there?), not only do I not mind other points of view, but I welcome it.

My writing style may be a little … strident … but as a person, I love other points of view. Who knows, maybe your comment will be the fodder for a whole new perspective I will explore here.


Please leave a reply. I enjoy and appreciate comments. All comments are moderated. before being posted; please let me know if you want to keep your comment private (I will read it, but it will not be posted to the blog). Thank you.

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