Change Announcement

I don’t know if my followers are still following, but, just in case … I’m letting everyone know of some future changes.

(Although one of you checked in today. As long as you’re not my friendly, every-day troll, all0w me to wave “hello!”)

Over the years, this blog’s content has varied widely: poetry, amateur journalism, current events commentary, television critique, autobiography.

Without a doubt, the most popular post has been the Christimas List for When Christmas Hurts. I’m always thrilled when someone likes that post, because it makes me feel like someone else doesn’t feel quite so alone at a hard time.

That said, I’ve begun to wonder if this lack of focus hasn’t interfered with the blog’s success somehow, along with my own naivete failings in promoting the blog. So, after some consideration, I’m making some changes.

  1. “Talkin’ ’bout the Walkin'”, the sister blog, will be revamped as “Diary of a Media Junkie
    A hopeful, yet skeptical review of TWD will resume.
    Look for movie and other TV reviews, including my most recent Game of Thrones review.
    The new blog is under a new name, so I can promote it under an existing Facebook account.
  2. Citizen journalism and current events will move to Punkenomics (for all other issues).
  3. The Laundry Years may or may not have random autobiographical content.
    The blog will now serve as an author page for works under e. blalock and e. penniman.
    Most content will be reading/viewing suggestions, etc.

There you have it. I’m back, hopefully new and improved.

I want to thank all my followers from when the blog was active, and invite you to follow my other sites.


Please leave a reply. I enjoy and appreciate comments. All comments are moderated. before being posted; please let me know if you want to keep your comment private (I will read it, but it will not be posted to the blog). Thank you.

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