About the author: E. Blalock

I’ve been described as “an Author pretending to be a Housewife,” which I find pretty flattering, to be honest. I’ve been writing on WordPress for several years, but I’ve been writing fiction and non-fiction since I was thirteen. I’m not telling anyone how long that’s been.

Currently I have three projects underway:


Diary of a Screen Junkie

You can find my TV and movie reviews of science fiction and fantasy here on WordPress at www.thelaundryyearstwd.wordpress.com

Currently, I’m reviewing Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Westworld.

I live for Sci-Fi and fantasy TV. Thank God every network has decided that Sundays at 9:00 p.m. is THE time slot for that genre, or I’d experience severe withdrawal every time any one of them went into hiatus.

Watch them with me. At times I’m erudite, I’d like to think. Other times I’m … well … not. On occasion I reach for the social relevance and find it, offering it to you for your consideration.

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The Laundry Years

This was the initial blog from which “Diary” sprang. Originally, it was my beloved hodge-podge of poetry, comedy, commentary and entertainment reviews. I’ve honed it down now to current events commentary.


In the Company Of …

I’m wrapping up my Urban Horror Series and polishing it for publication soon. The series follows a group of humans and “gifted” people as they navigate the dangers of humans and non-humans for survival.

Sarah is drowning her grief. Carter is paying for his sins. Agnes is looking for a place to fit in. 

Sarah is middle-aged, bereft and abandoned when she finds out that she’s a gifted witch the establishment left behind. The Nephalim Carter is released from Hell, where he was more than willing to stay and pay for his sins.  Agnes follows her heart and divine guidance to find them both.

They find each other in the psychiatric treatment ward: one by coercion, once chance, one by choice. They find each other only to confront the enemies, human and otherwise,  who want them dead before they can join the world.