Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead

The Walking Dead. I stopped watching after this season’s second episode. I haven’t seen it since. The narrative tone, the authorial position, have all changed drastically. These story lines weren't allegories masquerading as horror, with ultimate sympathies for the human race. Instead, the viewer became subjugated to a taunting, teasing author whose narrative, like Lucille, … Continue reading Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead


Link blast: TWD Heartthrob Alert & My Geeky Moment

There are spoiler alerts in the below link, but it's oh so worthwhile just to read the phrase at the end:  "Schrödinger's Glenn." (I am so unhappy I didn't think of that). I'm not as far along in the books as the author (I have to wait for the ebooks to be available from … Continue reading Link blast: TWD Heartthrob Alert & My Geeky Moment