A (former) Christian’s Argument for Atheism

This was so important to me I decided to blog it. It's about something the Pope, my most favorite person in the Universe, said. "How many times have we all heard people say 'if that person is a Catholic, it is better to be an atheist'." ~ Pope Francis http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/pope-suggests-better-to-be-atheist-than-hypocritical-catholic/ar-AAngu7y   I've been running this … Continue reading A (former) Christian’s Argument for Atheism


Happy Easter: Crumbs of Hope from Reality TV

Warning: irreverent pics ahead. Purpose: to offset serious subject matter. Today is Easter. Last week also saw the Purim: Ta'anit Esther - March 23, 2016 and Shushan Purim - March 25, 2016, about which I know embarrassingly little. So other than commemorating the event, albeit late, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and my pen still … Continue reading Happy Easter: Crumbs of Hope from Reality TV

Easter Message: Hoping for Hope in the moment of Darkness

Both of these are hard to credit. The left is cited as only 'HE QI,' I assume the artist's name. The right is cited only as "Lenten Cross" associated with a church's promotion of services. These are my thoughts this Easter, as everyone around me celebrates the holiday. My post is grounded in the Christian faith, … Continue reading Easter Message: Hoping for Hope in the moment of Darkness

Where He Lurks With Truth

This is a work in progress. It's my take on a meditation I had at Christmas.  Is it beauty you seek Shiny and sleek, Fine and meek Light floods The Alabaster jars in ivory halls Bejeweling perfect, plastered walls. Slight, light, white chimes fly away in the ethereal air. Too light for me see. Too … Continue reading Where He Lurks With Truth

Once We Were

I originally posted this poem three years ago. There has been some interest in my verse this year, so I thought I would re-publish it with some minor edits.  As always, comments are welcome.  Orbs once we were ... Suspended in glistening space Brightly afire and white ablaze Held only by primordial grace Then drawn … Continue reading Once We Were

The House that Rick built: “Four Walls and a Roof”

This is this week's post on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. One thing I want to say about my reviews, present, past a future: I don’t want any reader to think that I propose violence or savagery to right wrongs or address evil or social problems. Any interpretation along that lines is … Continue reading The House that Rick built: “Four Walls and a Roof”

The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

So, of course “Strangers” was about religion. Given the trailers features a preacher and a church, I could hardly run for psychic of the year. But. Where “No Sanctuary” demonstrated the power of one group’s faith in comparison with another group’s absolute lack of any grace, forgiveness or decency, this week we see the uselessness … Continue reading The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best

So, here’s my prediction: this season will be all about Religion in all its forms: faith, superstition, institutionalization, belief, protest, survival. Trailers and teasers for the next episode already reveal several religious trappings: a church, a pastor (or priest). That, however, is just the tip of the ideological iceberg my friends. Even without those sure-fire … Continue reading The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best

What if? Musings from a restless mind.

What if? Lately the one thing I want – even need – to write about, I can’t write about. Thus, I have writer’s block. I’ve been reading a lot of faith-based material lately: both Jewish and Christian. I’ve posted a few of the most moving I’ve come across. If any readers have something you'd like … Continue reading What if? Musings from a restless mind.

Title in search of poem

The answers have flown their cages In search of finer questions The window spurns the sun I alone remain I am no slave to daylight Nor a fool for the moon I turn my face from the portal And open to the world. And so my truth begins.

Letter to Noah

The flood is futile It cannot clean The truest soil That lives within We are born to fly And born to fall Born to sin From grace to fall But soar we can And try we must Briefly behind Leave earthly dust In far greater deep Our souls do dwell We often choose To allow … Continue reading Letter to Noah

Stealthy Love

Joy slips in Like a spy Through the halls Of their disbelief My prison walls For now. Love soars over Like a wind Above the decay Of their blasphemy My prison cells For now. Your smile encodes the possible Your kiss ensures tomorrow Remind me of God and Heavens Victory of the future Over now. … Continue reading Stealthy Love

Apprentices of Alchemy

This is still a work in progress. My last poem took me six months, and I've got another under construction for a year. This one said something I needed to say, though.  Feedback welcome.  Apprentices to alchemy of the soul Send poison from their lips to our bones Once wiser wizards healed hearts stone to gold … Continue reading Apprentices of Alchemy

Living the Steampunk Life

“No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.” ~  Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra I normally don’t like to post links to other sites, unless they are informational: secondary sources that support what I’m writing. I’m an aspiring writer, my blog is supposed … Continue reading Living the Steampunk Life

Redemption as Reset?

Last week, I chanced upon a televangelist and decided to listen. There are a couple I really like, one who has been quite an inspiration to me, many I disregard and a few I hold highly suspect. This is all to say, it’s a mixed bag and this guy may have had something to say … Continue reading Redemption as Reset?