Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead

The Walking Dead. I stopped watching after this season’s second episode. I haven’t seen it since. The narrative tone, the authorial position, have all changed drastically. These story lines weren't allegories masquerading as horror, with ultimate sympathies for the human race. Instead, the viewer became subjugated to a taunting, teasing author whose narrative, like Lucille, … Continue reading Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead


New TWD Review: I got questions.

The main theme of which is: What have they done with Carol & how do we get her back? Please see my new review of last week's TWD episode at my sister site: http://twd-i-got-questions-lots-of-questions

Mid-season finale –

I love If I planned on growing up one day, I'd want to write for them. Below is a link to a review of last night's episode. To be honest, I've always been one to draw the wool over my own eyes - so in love I am with TWD that I've only explored … Continue reading Mid-season finale –

Interesting TV Review

So this is a pretty interesting take on the way the Glenn problem was told in TWD. It's critical of it from a story-telling perspective, and finds it a rather gimmicky. The article is a pretty interesting read of TV criticism, a cut above some of what's out there. The article reminds me I … Continue reading Interesting TV Review

Can’t seem to find that line between fact and fiction …

The Walking Dead, Season 5-6: Battered, beaten refuges from a violent, brutal, unruly world of ruthless people and harsh adversity come to the gates of a self-sustaining, affluent community of well-meaning people, seeking shelter, safety and a home. A group of bloodthirsty savages with no sense of humanity lurk outside, posing a danger to anyone who crosses … Continue reading Can’t seem to find that line between fact and fiction …

TWD as Epic con’t

Quick Item: Descent to underworld requirement: Episode when Rick is in the prison, following Lori's deaath, and he goes into a deserted part of the prison, answers the phone and hears the dead. Requirements: Descent to hell: in our cultures, hell is for sinners, damned people. In our society, we "damn" or judge people and … Continue reading TWD as Epic con’t

Deanna, TWD and the Social Order

Update: Post-11.22.15 Episode: Deanna may have a screw loose. It's one thing if those plans are for survival within reinforced walls and protection. But she wants to expand? Optimistic, yes. Prudent? Not exactly at this juncture. Other things may need to be prioritized first.   The other day I was thinking and I had an … Continue reading Deanna, TWD and the Social Order

TWD as Epic Poem: Seriously, I’m not kidding

Does The Walking Dead qualify as our generation’s Epic Tale, in the literary sense, in the newest popular medium: TV/Film? From is a list of the requirements for an Epic Poem, which pretty much conforms to my recollection of my eleventh-grade English class: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It is a long narrative about a serious or worthy … Continue reading TWD as Epic Poem: Seriously, I’m not kidding

TWD: T-15 and counting …

*** Graphic Novel Spoiler Alert *** My writer friend and I were talking about TWD last week, sharing our frustration that the "Is He is or is He ain't my Zombie" question (viz a vis Glenn) for ninety minutes of Morgan exposition. For both of us, it seemed a disappointing ratings trick for a show … Continue reading TWD: T-15 and counting …

The Hospital

Institutions. It’s not like the previews and trailers didn’t put it right up there for the world to see, what with Dawn in uniform in a hospital, and people dressed in scrubs. The survivors' world is shaping up, we are beginning to see their context. Beth is no longer wandering the wilderness. She has arrived … Continue reading The Hospital

The House that Rick built: “Four Walls and a Roof”

This is this week's post on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. One thing I want to say about my reviews, present, past a future: I don’t want any reader to think that I propose violence or savagery to right wrongs or address evil or social problems. Any interpretation along that lines is … Continue reading The House that Rick built: “Four Walls and a Roof”

The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

So, of course “Strangers” was about religion. Given the trailers features a preacher and a church, I could hardly run for psychic of the year. But. Where “No Sanctuary” demonstrated the power of one group’s faith in comparison with another group’s absolute lack of any grace, forgiveness or decency, this week we see the uselessness … Continue reading The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best

So, here’s my prediction: this season will be all about Religion in all its forms: faith, superstition, institutionalization, belief, protest, survival. Trailers and teasers for the next episode already reveal several religious trappings: a church, a pastor (or priest). That, however, is just the tip of the ideological iceberg my friends. Even without those sure-fire … Continue reading The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best