Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead

The Walking Dead. I stopped watching after this season’s second episode. I haven’t seen it since. The narrative tone, the authorial position, have all changed drastically. These story lines weren't allegories masquerading as horror, with ultimate sympathies for the human race. Instead, the viewer became subjugated to a taunting, teasing author whose narrative, like Lucille, … Continue reading Pronouncing The Walking Dead Dead


New TWD Review: I got questions.

The main theme of which is: What have they done with Carol & how do we get her back? Please see my new review of last week's TWD episode at my sister site: http://twd-i-got-questions-lots-of-questions

Mid-season finale –

I love If I planned on growing up one day, I'd want to write for them. Below is a link to a review of last night's episode. To be honest, I've always been one to draw the wool over my own eyes - so in love I am with TWD that I've only explored … Continue reading Mid-season finale –

Deanna, TWD and the Social Order

Update: Post-11.22.15 Episode: Deanna may have a screw loose. It's one thing if those plans are for survival within reinforced walls and protection. But she wants to expand? Optimistic, yes. Prudent? Not exactly at this juncture. Other things may need to be prioritized first.   The other day I was thinking and I had an … Continue reading Deanna, TWD and the Social Order

The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

So, of course “Strangers” was about religion. Given the trailers features a preacher and a church, I could hardly run for psychic of the year. But. Where “No Sanctuary” demonstrated the power of one group’s faith in comparison with another group’s absolute lack of any grace, forgiveness or decency, this week we see the uselessness … Continue reading The Walking Dead: The Disciples Convene

The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best

So, here’s my prediction: this season will be all about Religion in all its forms: faith, superstition, institutionalization, belief, protest, survival. Trailers and teasers for the next episode already reveal several religious trappings: a church, a pastor (or priest). That, however, is just the tip of the ideological iceberg my friends. Even without those sure-fire … Continue reading The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” – Religion at its Gorey Best

Beeker the Zombie Killer

Okay, so I pride myself on original content, blah, blah, blah. But this just made my freakin', flippin' day, especially since I've been holding back on posting another annual Zombie Bait list. I tweeted this, now I'm posting this. If I could print it on a post-it and wear it as a sticker all day … Continue reading Beeker the Zombie Killer

A Zombie Holiday Season

It’s the Holiday Season, and over Thanksgiving (I was away with mysteriously elusive Wi-Fi; it was the night before we left that we caught it), and I began to ponder – partly in response to my last cynical post – reasons to be grateful during these Holidays. And, being obsessed with the mid-season finale of … Continue reading A Zombie Holiday Season

2011 Zombie Bait List

This Sunday will find me – after my due time spent in the spiritual reflection which I am sure to share on Monday …. Where was I? Oh yes, when all that is said and done, you can bet dollars to doughnuts (and may they be Krispy Kremes) that I can be found this Sunday … Continue reading 2011 Zombie Bait List